there’s this one episode of yugioh i remember but i can’t figure out what one it was. it haunts me

it’s the one where they play cards

it’s time for me to sleep and beat myself up about that “your bosses in langley” quote for another several days until i forget i was ever trying to remember it, good night

apparently it was not in the first game’s ocelot battle
replay all of them

that would take entirely too long WAIT I THINK IT WAS OLD OCELOT. so that rules out mgs3, peace walker, and ground zeroes and leaves 1, 2, and 4 as suspects. i think it may have been the first one hang on lemme see the boss battle on youtube

i swear to fucking god there’s some line in some metal gear game about “your bosses in langley” but i can’t for the life of me remember what it was or who said it or what the context was or which game it was or if it was, in fact, metal gear, and the entire google is giving me no relevant results


#rape #sexual assault #signal boost (in case people whitelist that) hey so this is joseph she is a serial rapist and generally across the board sexually inappropriate and manipulative person who has assaulted one of my roommates. she has recently “confronted” (verbally, i dont have details) a friend of one of her other victims at their workplace. she is a homeless (as far as i know right now, let me know if im wrong) trans woman in the portland oregon area. i would strongly encourage you to avoid becoming close to her. again: she is very very manipulative and has been sexually abusive in the past. if you hear that she is looking for anyone specific, please let me know so i can let her victims know and they can stay safe. they are still dealing with the damage she inflicted and are now also trying to figure out how to make sure she isnt planning on stalking or approaching or assaulting them. thank you

and now the fan mail template won’t load thank you tumblr

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